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11 August 2014

Human rights and freedoms are excellently ensured in Azerbaijan [Nariman Aliyev]

06 August 2014

Summer School plays an immense role in educating the youth from political and intellectual points of view [Aydın Huseynov ]

04 August 2014

By becoming DEMYC member, YAP Youth Wing achieved tremendous success on the European scale [Ramin Mammadov]

01 August 2014

Our goal is to make Azerbaijan the developed social state [Musa Guliyev]

30 July 2014

The process of enrichment of the Azerbaijani language is being successfully carried out [Nizami Jafarov]

25 July 2014

New Azerbaijan Party attaches great importance to youth-related projects [Samira Guliyeva]

21 July 2014

Our journalism plays the role of the bearer of the spirit of independence [Aflatun Amashov]

18 July 2014

The freedom of speech and press is perfectly protected in our country [Vugar Rahimzade]

16 July 2014

State programs condition dynamic development of the regions [Azer Badamov]

11 July 2014

Cooperation with the organizations, which have a strong say on the world`s political scene, is of great benefit for Azerbaijan [Valeh Hajiyev]

07 July 2014

I`m proud that I worked with such a person like Heydar Aliyev, and this was the most meaningful part of my life [Zahid Garalov]

02 July 2014

Azerbaijan is pursuing a peaceful policy [Asef Hajiyev]

27 June 2014

President Ilham Aliyev once again proved that Azerbaijan`s interests are perfectly protected [Sahiba Gafarova]

24 June 2014

Combat readiness of the Azerbaijani army is at high level [Siyavush Novruzov]

20 June 2014

Azerbaijan`s path is based on statehood interests and people`s will [Sevinj Fataliyeva]

19 June 2014

Azerbaijan has a strong say in Europe [Samad Seyidov]

18 June 2014

Core objective of Azerbaijan`s foreign policy is to ensure the county`s national interests [Mubariz Gurbanly]

17 June 2014

It is national leader Heydar Aliyev`s wise policy that lies at the heart of every success of Azerbaijan, which is rapidly developing and has become the regional leader [Nagif Hamzayev]

13 June 2014

National Salvation Day brought Azerbaijan renaissance, progress [Arif Rahimzade]

Heydar Aliyev ideas are the fundamental principles of Azerbaijan`s development [Aghabay Asgarov]