New Azerbaijan Party is the party of past, present and future!


03 October 2014

Women are the driving force of the Azerbaijani society [Nurlana Aliyeva]

01 October 2014

New Azerbaijan Party will win municipal elections [Bahar Muradova]

Successful measures are being taken in the fields of melioration and water industry in Azerbaijan [Ahmad Ahmadzade]

30 September 2014

President Ilham Aliyev`s Order on security measures on the frontline is of big importance from both political and military perspectives [Ali Huseynli]

29 September 2014

Azerbaijan has made great success in implementing programs on socio-economic development of districts [Suleyman Mikayilov]

26 September 2014

It is necessary that Azerbaijan strengthen defence measures [Zahid Oruj]

24 September 2014

The New Azerbaijan Party has become a world renowned influential party [Asef Hajiyev]

Southern Gas Corridor will contribute to ensuring both Azerbaijan`s economic development and European energy security [Co-chair of Euronest PA Energy Committee, deputy of the Millli Majlis]

22 September 2014

Important measures are taken to ensure food security in Azerbaijan [Eldar Ibrahimov]

Development of vocational education in Azerbaijan is the requirement of the present time [Rauf Aliyev]

17 September 2014

From a political point of view, the Contract of the Century was the doctrine of Azerbaijan`s salvation and development [Rovnag Abdullayev]

12 September 2014

Healthcare reforms are part of President Ilham Aliyev`s modernization and renovation policy [Ali Ahmadov]

The order to improve structure of the Ministry of Education is the beginning of reforms in the field of governance [Mikayil Jabbarov]

08 September 2014

Reforms in education are aimed at ensuring bright future of Azerbaijan [Kamila Aliyeva]

03 September 2014

Azerbaijan-Turkey relations are rapidly developing [SiyavushNovruzov]

29 August 2014

Azerbaijan will not change its principled position on the settlement of the conflict [Malahat Ibrahimgiz]

26 August 2014

National Geospatial Information Infrastructure as a new paradigm of cartography [Garib Mammadov]

22 August 2014

Europe should be guided by the values it champions for and the principle of the rule of law, and should avoid double standards [Asim Mollazade]

18 August 2014

Azerbaijan will never accept the fact of occupation of its lands [Azay Guliyev]

12 August 2014

Azerbaijan is capable of preventing any sabotage and liberating its occupied lands [Sevinj Fataliyeva]