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YAP Youth Wing holds event on occasion of National Salvation Day on June 15

YAP Youth Wing  held an event on occasion of the Salvation Day, June 15. The event organized by the YAP Youth Wing, was attendedby chairman of the YAP Sabail regional branch ZahidGaralov.

Opening the event, Chairman of the YAP Youth Union SeymurOrujov noted that 15 June entered the history books as the national salvation day.

Member of the YAP Board, Chairman of the YAP Sabail regional organizationZahidGaralov said that because of inexperience of people in power in 1991-1993, Azerbaijani lands were occupied, population faced food shortage, the country faced the civil war threat. At that time, national leader HeydarAliyev came to Azerbaijan to get the country out of crisis and help people. His forward-looking and wise policy saved the country and people. That is why, his coming to power is called Salvation Day.

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