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Azerbaijani Navy and Air Force launch joint operational and tactical exercises

Joint operational and tactical exercises with the involvement of the personnel of the Navy and units and divisions of the Air Force and Air Defense and representatives of the Ministry for Emergencies and State Frontier Service began November 13 in accordance with the endorsed plan on operational training under the command of Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov and first deputy defense minister – chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Najmaddin Sadikhov.

The exercises involved over 5000 personnel, about 40 war ships and boats, 58 rocket launchers and artillery forces, about 20 military aircrafts and helicopters, about 50 equipment including special forces in order to organize air defense of groups of the air defense forces.

The exercises will be conducted in three stages. There will be a field firing with all the weapons used in the course of the active phase of exercises.

The exercises will last until November 17.