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Azerbaijani FM: Conflicts in OSCE area are key threats to peace and security on European continent

Azerbaijani Minister of Foreign Affairs Elmar Mammadyarov has said the conflicts in the OSCE area are the key threats to the peace and security on the European continent.

“The current stalemate situation in the settlement process of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is very dangerous in terms of peace and stability in the region,” he told the OSCE Ministerial Event entitled "Addressing the Crisis of European Security: The Way Forward and the Role of the OSCE" at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

“The breakthrough for the resolution of the conflict is a withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Armenia from the occupied territories and return of ethnically cleansed Azerbaijani population back their homes. This action will help to create the atmosphere of confidence between Azerbaijani and Armenian communities of the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, which is a very important element towards sustainable peace building,” said the FM.

Mr. Mammadyarov expressed confidence that “the OSCE Participating States reaffirm their unequivocal expectations for the soonest resolution of this conflict based on the above-mentioned approaches”.

“The OSCE is a cornerstone of the European security architecture. It is important to recognize the role of the Organization as of a platform for dialogue and promotion of trust and security. As the OSCE participating States we have to reiterate our commitment to uphold the Helsinki Final Act, its founding principles, as well as other OSCE commitments, which are the foundation and cornerstone of our cooperative security.”

Minister Mammadyarov said: “The OSCE documents established clear standards for participating States' treatment of each other and of all individuals within their territories. All OSCE commitments, without exception, apply equally to each participating State. Their implementation in good faith is essential for relations between States, between governments and their peoples, as well as between the organizations of which they are members.”

“It should be underlined that OSCE is neither a rival nor a competitor to any Western or Eurasian dominated unions or blocks, but it is a broad platform where disagreements and contradictions may be constructively addressed. Advantage of the OSCE would be fully utilized, if the Organization could manage not only to react to emerging crises, but preferably to prevent them from escalating.”

“We believe that the major mission of the OSCE is and should be the protection of norms and principles it advocates without constraints, double standards and geographical preferences, and to ensure the respect for them in interrelations of its Participating States.”

He said: “It is important to open the OSCE agenda for discussion of any issue affecting security of any OSCE participating State and to try to address them in a constructive, non-accusatory manner. To that end, there is a need to improve informal consultations among major stakeholders in the OSCE and those States who feel that their security is affected.”

“In this context, the Platform for Co-operative Security, which was adopted as an essential element of the Charter for European Security of 1999, is an advantage that is underutilized in OSCE. It can further strengthen and develop co-operation with competent organizations on the basis of equality and in a spirit of partnership. Such cooperation should be mutually reinforcing, while security interests of the non-block OSCE States should be taken into consideration in the inter-institutional talks on establishing cooperative relations among the OSCE and its partners,” Mr. Mammadyarov said.