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Phoenix declares May 28th, Day of Azerbaijan

Capital city of the U.S. state of Arizona has declared 28 May 2014 as "Day of Azerbaijan Republic."

Phoenix mayor signed a proclamation announcing the May 28 as Day of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani Consulate General in Los Angeles said.

Mayor Greg Stanton said hundreds of Azerbaijanis visiting and living in the city valuably contribute to the city community with a spirit of creativity and hard work.

He said relationships between the residents of Arizona and Azerbaijan are growing stronger, they are rooted in friendship and mutual cooperation and respect.

Stanton noted that there is much to learn through the cultural and educational exchanges of the two communities.

He said the developing friendship between the people of Phoenix and the people of Azerbaijan will continue to strengthen and move forward in a positive direction.

Stanton further said the Phoenix community is grateful for connections to other diverse communities that expand city's cultural perspectives and help the city grow.

Recently, New Mexico State declared May 28 as "Azerbaijan National Day".

Also, earlier this year, Monterey city of the California state and Honolulu city of Hawaii declared May 28 as "Azerbaijan National Day".

Phoenix city with 1.5 million populations is the largest in Arizona and the 6th largest city in the United States.