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Spanish Flamenco group to present Carmen Show at Heydar Aliyev Center

The Spanish Flamenco Group will present a brand new production of the famous Carmen at the Heydar Aliyev Center on June 13. The new format incorporates elements of jazz, Arabic music, salsa and flamenco. 

The show based on the famous Carmen Opera by the French composer Georges Bizet  and  the eponymous novella by Prosper Mérimée was developed by Antonio Andrade and his actors company in the style of flamenco. 

Almost two hours of a breathtaking action immerses the audience into the fascinating world of dancing and vocal performance. 

Ursula Moreno, a Malaga-based dancer and choreographer, will appear as Carmen in the show. Unique techniques, unsurpassed plastics and captivatng art of acting won her the title of  the ‘Modern Flamenco Hope’. A graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance in Malaga, trained by a number of recognized flamenco mentors,  U.Moreno has a series of impressive career accomplishments. The second at the 2010 Ronda Flamenco Contest, she was recognized as ‘The Best Kanya Dancer’ at the same Contest in 2011. The founder and director of the Malaga Flamenco Cultural Center, Ursula Moreno is also a gifted mentor and a solo-dancer in Antonio Andrare’s  actors company. 

The team leader, Antonio Andrare, was born in Pueble-de-Calasia village, one of the traditional flamenco hubs in the vicinity of Seville. Nurtured by the flamenco traditions, he mastered playing guitar since the early age. Performing with some outstanding flamenco figures throughout his whole career, Antonio Andrare has starred in a number of successful shows in Europe, the US and Japan.

​The modern version of Carmen debuted  at the Berlin State Opera back in 1998. After Baku, the show is to be presented in Denmark and Sweden.