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Electronic edition "Armenian crimes: Genocide. Deportation. Terror" published

On the eve of April 24, 2015, when the Armenians and their patrons celebrate the 100th anniversary of the invented "Armenian genocide", a new electronic edition, entitled "Armenian crimes: Genocide. Deportation. Terror", has been prepared and published by the staff of Presidential Library. The edition prepared on the basis of archival documents, materials of periodicals, articles of certain researchers, with all completeness proves that the original genocide in the 1905-1906th, in the years of World War I and in the 1918-1920s was made against the Turkish-Muslim population in the East Anatoly and Azerbaijan. In 1991-1994s in the face of the world community 20 percent of the territory of Azerbaijan were occupied by the Armenian armed forces, and in this territory the genocide against the Azerbaijani people was made. For the last 30-40 years, as a result of the terrorist attacks conducted by Armenians, were lost and thousands of innocent people were wounded.

The electronic edition "Armenian crimes: Genocide. Deportation. Terror" opens the real face of the Armenians who are giving out themselves to the whole world as the civilized nation which underwent genocide. The electronic edition was prepared in the Azerbaijani and Russian languages. Preparation of the English version of the edition is underway.