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Aydin Huseynov: Implementation of the state programs boosted diversification of the country`s economy

“The implementation of the state programs has changed the image of regions, served to prevent the non-proportional development of the country's largest cities and regions. Within the first two programs the efficient use of regions` natural resources and labor resources concentrated in regions, opening of new jobs, solving social problems, development of entrepreneurship, the reconstruction of the existing infrastructure was realized. The implementation of the state programs under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev for the socio-economic development over the past years greatly reduced the dependence of Azerbaijan’s economy on oil. The image of regions was changed and it played an important role in the overall development of the country,” member of YAP Political Council, deputy chairman of the party`s economic affairs commission Aydin Huseynov ha said.

“Azerbaijan has secured dynamic development, and it is gratifying that our non-oil sector has grown by 7 per cent. This was made possible as a result of sound economic policies carried out in recent years. The funds invested in the Azerbaijani economy for many years, the policy of diversification and the development of the non-oil sector have enabled our economy to develop steadily and not depend on the oil and gas sector.”