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First Deputy Parliament Speaker: Azerbaijan takes account of Iran`s interests in its foreign policy

First deputy speaker of Azerbaijan’s Parliament ZiyafatAsgarov has said official Baku always considered Tehran`s interests in its foreign policy. He met Iranian Minister of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare Ali Rabiei who is on a visit in Baku.

He hailed relations between the two countries. “Our countries are bound together by ties of national and moral values, shared traditions and cultures.” He said reciprocal visits by the presidents played a vital role in “expanding our ties”. MrAsgarov highlighted the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, saying “for more than 20 years 20% of Azerbaijan`s lands have been under occupation”. “There are more than one million refugees and IDPs in our country. The Armenian aggressors are ignoring four resolutions of the UN Security Council in breach of international law.” He expressed regret over the fact that “efforts to find a just solution to the dispute have been insufficient so far”. MrAsgarov noted that it was important that member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation be more active in settlement of the dispute. He also expressed confidence that the Islamic Shura Council of Iran will consider and make its decision on the Khojaly genocide.

Mr.Rabiei applauded Azerbaijan-Iran collaboration. He said there were good opportunities for expanding the bilateral economic ties. He also said that Iran`s Defence Minister would visit Baku soon. MrRabiei said that Iran has always supported Azerbaijani people, and was one of the first countries to recognize Azerbaijan`s independence. The Iranian Minister expressed regret over the fact that “the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute has not yet been resolved”. He expressed confidence that the problem would be solved in compliance with international law as soon as possible. “Iran will always make efforts towards finding a fair solution to the conflict,” MrRabiei added.