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President Ilham Aliyev: Azerbaijan has gained good reputation in the system of international relations and is treated with respect

“Over the years our standing in the world has strengthened further. Azerbaijan has gained a good reputation in the system of international relations and is treated with respect,” said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in his interview to The Business Year magazine.

“The numerous international events held in Azerbaijan are evidence to the fact that our country is already seen as a political, economic and cultural center of the region. Against the backdrop of growing trends of tension, unemployment and poverty in the world, Azerbaijan is registering processes of a completely opposite nature – rapid development, progress, growing well-being of the population, public and political stability, national solidarity, etc. I think these have been the key contributors to the outcomes of the 2013 presidential election,’ said the President. He stressed that the PACE, the European Parliament, the OSCE PA, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the CIS and other authoritative organizations have given unequivocally high assessments to the election and described it as free, fair and transparent. And this confirms yet again that our people and the international community see the election and its results in the same way. ‘By their votes the people of Azerbaijan expressed their support for the policy pursued to this day and given us the mandate for a continuation of these activities,” the head of state added.

“Our plans are even more ambitious, there are important issues on our agenda. Activities on further enhancing Azerbaijan’s potential, expanding the competitiveness of the economy, building a modern society, improving the well-being of our society, reinforcing our international standing in accordance with our foreign policy priorities, stepping up the systemic fight against corruption, bribery and other negative phenomena, etc. will be continued in a consistent manner.”