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Ali Ahmadov: We have to encourage the world community to give legal and political assessment to Khojaly tragedy

“We have to educate the world community on the terrible results of Khojaly genocide and hand down this to future generations as one element of thinking. We aim to let the future generations know and learn from the history in order to prevent such tragedies happen again against Azerbaijan,”said Deputy Prime Minister, YAP Deputy Chairman-Executive Secretary Ali Ahmadov .

Ali Ahmadov noted that the aim of our state is to bring this killing of civilians by Armenian butchers to the world community`s attention. According to him, despite difficulties both state bodies and non-governmental organizations and citizens must work hard to educate the world about the Khojaly genocide.

I believe that our future efforts will bring fruits. At the same time, Azerbaijani society, Diasporas existing in the world must step up their efforts in this direction. If Armenians managed to keep the fictitious ideology over the past century and then, it would be unacceptable if the real tragedy would not have been recognized by the world community, he noted.