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Elmar Mammadyarov: Armenia won’t participate in regional projects unless its aggressive policy comes to end

“Armenia is unwilling to pull back its troops from Azerbaijan’s occupied lands,” said Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov, who is on a visit to Gerogia.

The minister noted that Armenia will be left out regional projects unless it puts an end to its aggressive policy.

“If they wish to see Armenia as an independent country in future, they first need to speak a normal language with neighboring countries. Armenian officials should care about economic and trade issues and try to build dialogue in this direction. All projects going through Georgia today are global ones. We have previously proposed establishing cooperation as the three South Caucasian countries, but the Armenian leadership appears to be disinclined to follow this way. I believe this problem will sooner or later be settled and a group of leaders will come to power in Armenia who will establish normal relations with neighbor countries for their country’s interests, creating favorable conditions for Armenia’s participation in regional projects”.