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Elmira Suleymanova: Khojaly massacre must be recognized as genocide

Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsperson) of the Republic of Azerbaijan Elmira Suleymanova has issued a statement on the occasion of the 23rd anniversary of the Khojaly Genocide.

She said, regretfully, no action was taken concerned, so, Azerbaijan’s historical lands are still under occupation.

It is stated that this tragedy must be investigated by a special international commission in compliance with the norms and principles of international law without double standards, and recognized as an act of genocide by international organizations:

“I call on influential international organizations to demonstrate an unequivocal position, condemn this genocide once again, and step up efforts for the perpetuators to receive a deserved penalty.”

“We reiterate that Armenia shall fulfill international provisions of documents on this conflict, territorial integrity of Azerbaijan must be restored, the Azerbaijani captives and hostages shall be liberated, violated rights of refugees and IDPs shall be restored and they must be returned to their homes, and the criminals who destroyed the lives of innocent people shall be brought to justice and penalized,” the Ombudsperson underlined.