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Ali Hasanov: meetings with political parties become traditional

“Our meetings with political parties have become traditional. Two months ago, we discussed several issues, including the format and topics of such meetings, ideas to be conveyed to the society after the meetings, some fundamental aspects of cooperation between political parties and government, the role of political parties in Azerbaijani society, the financing of parties, domestic and foreign policy of the parties and Azerbaijan, etc”, Head of the Political and Public Affairs Department at the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov said at the meeting with some opposite parties.

He mentioned that some rational ideas were sounded at the first meeting, and those ideas were noted down by the Presidential Administration.

“We will return to these issues at our further meetings. Today we have not gathered to discuss a specific topic. Though, the issues to be discussed were not announced in advance, I think we will exchange views to ensure our further meetings to be more efficient, more targeted and specific”, Hasanovemphaszied.

A. Hasanov said the government and political can discuss any issues, because these two institutions actually determine the fate of the present and future governance of the society, domestic and external policy of Azerbaijan.