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Azerbaijani FM: Reason of tension in front zone is Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan

“Armenia pursues the policy, which intends to stir up the situation through targeted sabotage activities, harm the negotiation process and the preservation of the status quo, which occurred as a result of occupation and aggression. Being in a political, economic, demographic and social crisis, Armenia tries by this way to divert public attention from the internal problems of the country”, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HikmetHajiyev stated.

He said, the reason of tension in the frontal zone, human deaths and other similar accidents is the aggression of Armenia against Azerbaijan and the presence of the Armed Forces of Armenia in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan: “In order to achieve a peaceful settlement of the conflict, first of all the Armenian occupation troops should be withdrawn from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan. In order to put an end to the destructive policies and purposeful sabotage of Armenia and for the withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, it is necessary to seriously consider the application of coercive measures against Armenia, as well as sanctions defined by the UN Charter”.