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Japanese World Investors TV dedicates its first program in 2015 to Azerbaijan`s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic

Japanese World Investors TV`s first program in 2015 has dealt with the 90th anniversary of Azerbaijan`s Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.

Initiated by AzerTAc`s bureau in Japan, the program was presented by Kazuyasu Ishida and Hiroko Ueyama. They gave full information about the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, an integral part of Azerbaijan. Kazuyasu Ishida`s “Azerbaijan, a rapidly developing country the Japanese are not aware of” book, which has recently been launched in Tokyo, also provides an insight into Azerbaijan`s ancient land.

During the program, which was also attended by AzerTAc`s Special Correspondent in Tokyo Vugar Aghayev, the presenters said Nakhchivan is also called “The door to the East” and described it as one of the cradles of world civilization.

They noted that the traditions of statehood were laid in Nakhchivan at ancient times. The presenters said that as a result of historic and political processes in the region, Nakhchivan again became a hot spot in the end of the 20th century when Armenians continued their sly plans and wanted to annex Nakhchivan in an attempt to take advantage of political situation after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “Azerbaijan faced Armenian terrorism once again. Azerbaijanis living in Armenia were expelled from their homelands, armed attacks were launched in Karabakh and Nakhchivan.”

The presenters hailed the Nakhchivan period (1990-1993) of political activity of national leader Heydar Aliyev, who returned to power at the demand of people on September 3, 1991, as “a grandiose page of Azerbaijan`s history”. “National leader Heydar Aliyev made Nakhchivan Azerbaijan`s center of ideology and real activity in struggle for independence. It was Heydar Aliyev who ordered the adoption of the national state symbols of Azerbaijan in Nakhchivan.”

They also spoke of Nakhchivan`s healthy climate, abundance of medicinal herbs and mineral waters. They especially praised “Duzdagh” (Salty Mountain) physiotherapy centre.

They said that today Nakhchivan is an autonomous republic of Azerbaijan. “Despite the Armenian blockade, Nakhchivan is rapidly developing.”

The program demonstrated AzerTAc`s film about the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.