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Siyavush Novruzov: US started black genocide

“The US Congress itself is speaking about the deeds of people putting on masks under the guise of democracy and freedom of thought. Not surprisingly, former head of the US Central Intelligence Agency, as well as vice-president admitted that they resorted to torture to prevent terrorism,” deputy executive secretary of New Azerbaijan Party, MP Siyavush Novruzov said at the meeting of the Azerbaijani Parliament.

He said the facts of torture reflected in 6,000-page report compiled by the US Congress caused discussions all over the world.

“Now the question arises: Why are you concerned over people brought to justice for investigation in a country that lost more than 20 percent of its territories, has more than 1 million refugees and internally displaced person and suffers from terrorist attacks? How do you think Azerbaijan couldn’t prevent terrorism in its territory? Why don’t "Freedom House", trying to teach us a lesson, and other organizations raise their voice? Why those making statements on Khadija Ismail in European countries don’t issue statements on torture against our people?..,” he noted.

Novruzov mentioned that Tamerlane has always been presented as a man who tortured. “However, Tamerlane is no one in comparison with these men. Why aren’t torturers brought to justice? Is it their democracy? As you know, “turkeys” undergo genocide in the United States on Christmas. Now the situation has totally changed and they started black genocide. About 80 people are killed per day”.