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Azerbaijan makes amendment to law ‘On mass media outlets’

An amendment to the law “On mass media outlets” has today been discussed at the Azerbaijani Parliament’s meeting.

APA reports that the term “similar name” (basic concepts) is added to provision 3 of the law and its classification is given; “Similar name – the names which differ from the name of a previously recorded publication with its translation by the founder into another language or only the alteration of the words in the name or those which are the same as the publication’s name despite the addition of a symbol or a word indicating it”. The purpose of the addition is to prohibit the creation of new mass media outlets bearing the same names as the ones which already exist.

Moreover, the draft also aims to put an end to the activity of mass media outlets funded by any foreign individuals or legal entities.

The proposal of an amendment on terminating the distribution and publication of a media outlet on which the court has passed a verdict twice a year on its unfairness through biased articles was also presented to discussion. Currently, it’s three times a year.