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Ali Hasanov: “The Azerbaijani government has always been open for constructive cooperation and dialogue with its political opponents

“The Azerbaijani government has always been ready for dialogue since 1993 and worked with the spirit of dialogue", Head of the Department for Public and Political Issues at the Presidential Administration Ali Hasanov today said at the meeting with chairmen of opposition parties.

The Head of the Department said that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly underlined the importance of the economic growth and constantly conducting political reforms as well as the economic reforms in Azerbaijan. “We always pay attention to the improvement of our political system. Because through the process of modernization, the state achieves successes in economic and political fields, employs and conducts the reforms that were politically experienced and accepted in the world”, he said.

Hasanov said that internal management of the Azerbaijani society is impossible without freedom of press, speech and information, as well as opposing activities of civil society organizations and political parties: “Thus, we have regularly held meetings with media, political parties and non-governmental organizations. Today's meeting was also held on the initiative of a group of opposition parties of Azerbaijan. We will exchange views on issues raised by the parties, listen to and summarize ideas. As a representative of the Azerbaijani government, I will inform Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the Presidential Administration and relevant bodies about the outcomes.”

He noted that the Azerbaijani government had always been ready for dialogue and constructive cooperation with its political opponents: “We will be ready for it from now on as well.”