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UK Parliament hosts annual dinner of Anglo-Azerbaijani Society

The Anglo-Azerbaijani Society has held its annual dinner at the Churchill Room of the UK House of Commons.

The event was attended by co-chairs of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society Professor Nargiz Pashayeva on behalf of Azerbaijan and Lord German on behalf of the UK, as well as Azerbaijan`s Ambassador in London Tahir Tagizade, as well as members of the Society, representatives of Azerbaijani Diaspora functioning in the United Kingdom and other countries.

Lord German said he was pleased with attending the annual dinner as the co-chair of the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society for the first time. He thanked Professor Nargiz Pashayeva for supporting the activity of the organization.

Expressing honor as a co-chair of the Society, Lord German said he would spare no efforts to contribute to work of the Society and the development of friendly ties between the two countries.

Lord German highlighted the history of the Society, saying it aims to develop British-Azerbaijani cooperation. He said education and culture were among key priority areas in the relations between the two countries.

Professor Nargiz Pashayeva said the Anglo-Azerbaijani Society was of great importance to both Azerbaijan and the UK. She expressed confidence the Society will make further success. Professor Pashayeva said she was happy to work with Lord German, hailing his activities as the co-chair of the Society.

Ambassador Tahir Tagizade praised the Society’s contribution to the development of cultural and humanitarian ties between the two countries. He also lauded the role of the co-chairs, expressed confidence for further successes.

The event featured performance by young Azerbaijani violinist Nazrin Rashidova and British harpist Sally Price.