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Baku to host next meeting of News Agencies World Council

A next meeting of the News Agencies World Council (NACO) will be held in Baku in March, 2015.

The decision was adopted at the second meeting of the Council in London hosted by the Press Association.

The meeting discussed preparatory work for the News Agencies World Congress (NAWC) to be hosted by Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency (AzerTAc) in Baku in 2016. AzerTAc`s proposals were included in the agenda of the event. Members of the Council decided to convene next year in Baku, which will coincide with the celebration of the 95th anniversary of AzerTAc.

The meeting was attended by heads and secretary generals of news agencies, including Russian TASS, Saudi Arabian SPA, Austrian APA, Spanish EFE, Reuters, and the Press Association, as well as the European Alliance of News Agencies (EANA), the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA) and the News Agencies World Congress.

A delegation of Azerbaijan State Telegraph Agency (AzerTAc) also attended the event.

During their trip to Baku, heads of the world`s leading news agencies will visit the historical monuments, museums and other must-see places of the capital, as well as sports facilities where the 2015 First European Games will be held.