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International industry conference kicks off in Baku

An international conference on entitled " Industrialization in the 21st century: main trends of industrial policy, a modern approach and practices" has started in Baku.

Opening the event, Azerbaijani minister of economy and industry Shahin Mustafayev said the conference will discuss new approaches in modern industrial policy.

He said industry was the main priority of the Azerbaijani economy, adding 2014 was declared a year of industry by President Ilham Aliyev.

“The Baku Industry Conference is a significant platform for holding discussions of modern approaches in the world industry,” Li Yong, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) said in his video message to the participants. Mr. Yong hailed the Azerbaijani government`s policy to develop industry. He expressed his confidence that the Framework Programme on Cooperation between the Government of the Azerbaijani Republic and UNIDO will contribute to ensuring the sustainable development of Azerbaijani industry and Azerbaijan-2020 development concept.

UNIDO Director of Business, Investment and Technology Services Mohamed Lamine Dhaoui said he believes the conference will yield fruitful results.