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Mehriban Aliyeva: The word unity reflects the features of the Turkish and Azerbaijani peoples

“The word unity reflects the features of the Turkish and Azerbaijani peoples. For centuries we have been side-by-side, and strong ties are linking our nations. Although, during the former Soviet period, our relations had been artificially cut off for 70 years, mutual love and respects have always lived in the hearts of our peoples.We have always supported each-other. And I think Azerbaijan and Turkey are two the most brotherly states in the world,” first lady of Azerbaijan, President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, chairman of the organizing committee of the European Games Mehriban Aliyeva said at the Presentation of “Baku-2015” first European Games took place at Istanbul’s “Chyraghan” Palace.

“After Azerbaijan regained its state independence, relations between our countries were restored and lifted to a completely different level. Today, our cooperation covers almost all areas. Political relations are at the highest level. Economic ties are increasing year-by-year. Turkey accounts for the biggest part of Azerbaijan’s investments into foreign countries’ economy. Our relations cover also cultural and educational spheres. Hundreds of Azerbaijani students study in Turkey’s higher schools, universities. Azerbaijan and Turkey have built successful cooperation within the framework of international organizations. Azerbaijani-Turkish unity is a sign of stability in the region we live in. Large-scale projects we have jointly implemented in the energy and transport sectors  are of great importance not only for the region, but also for the world at large. Turkey and Azerbaijan are the driving forces of TANAP Project. To be commissioned next year, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will link Asia with Europe. Our peoples’ brotherhood and our states’ will lay in the foundation of all these successful projects, successful programmes. In Azerbaijan, we rejoice at Turkey’s successes as our own. We are glad Turkey has been on the path of rapid development and progress during the last ten years. Being a member of the Great Twenty, Turkey has been contributing to solution of universal problems.”