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Spanish edition of “Los Angeles Times”: “Azerbaijan’s territory is under illegal occupation”

The “Hoy Los Angeles” weekly, which is the Spanish-language edition of “Los Angeles Times”, published on November 17, 2014 an article on Azerbaijan. With a weekly circulation of over one million, “Hoy Los Angeles” is one of the largest Spanish-language newspapers in the United States.

Authored by Reynaldo Mena, one of the most renowned journalists in Los Angeles, the article highlights the author’s first visit to Azerbaijan, during which he participated at the International Humanitarian Forum held in Baku in October 2014.

Noting the discussions held on a range of important issues at the Forum, including the challenges posed by the digital media, the author stresses the productivity of exchanges of opinion on this matter. According to Mena, the digital journalism today should stay away from simplistic tendencies like generating more clicks and traffic, and rather focus on creating more vigilant and intelligent societies. The author notes in this regard that the efforts by the Government of President Ilham Aliyev to promote this agenda deserve much appreciation.

Mena also writes that since achieving its independence Azerbaijan has become a model country for the global economy, and elevated itself to the level of developed countries with its social investments and modernization.

Highlighting some recent anti-Azerbaijani activities by the Armenian lobby in California, the author notes with concern the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan’s lands by Armenians, and mentions that the international law recognizes Azerbaijan’s sovereign right to its own territory.