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Armenia commits another provocation in order to undermine peace talks

High-level talks within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group have intensified recently to find a solution to the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh. The Presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia and Ministers of Foreign Affairs from both countries discussed with the support of the co-chairs the major issues on the resolution of the problem, came to some agreement on such issues as keeping stability on the troops` line of contact, the ensuring of ceasefire, pullback of snipers, the prevention of various provocations. Unfortunately, instead of taking concrete steps towards starting to work on the draft Comprehensive peace agreement as an outcome of Paris meeting the Armenian side has started to hold the large-scale military exercises with the involvement of big number of personnel and military equipment in the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

On November 12, two Mi-24 helicopters of the air forces of the Republic of Armenia attacked and fired on the front defense positions of the troops of Azerbaijan in the direction of Agdam and attempted to escape. With return fire one helicopter was shot down and another one was forced to leave the fire zone.

The leadership of Armenia, whose behaviour contradicts all internationally accepted norms, attempted to commit another provocation in order to derail the process of negotiations. Presently, Armenia and the Armenian lobby used the information sabotage trying to shift responsibility for this incident on Azerbaijan. However, the present tension is the logical result of the aggressive policy of Armenia and its attempts to undermine the peace talks. The leadership of Armenia is directly to blame for the present situation.