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Khalaf Khalafov : We consider satisfactory the results of the 4th summit of the heads of state of the Caspian littoral states held in Astrakhan

The Deputy Minister said the greatest progress in the 18-year negotiations on the status of the Caspian Sea was achieved at the Astrakhan Summit.

 “This summit can be regarded as a new stage in the negotiations. The joint statement and agreements signed during the summit clarified have clarified a number of issues. The sides agreed on use of biological resources, division of the water area of the Caspian Sea and balanced armament. The experts will specify these points in the next stage,” he said.

Khalafov noted that though main points on the surface of the Caspian Sea were agreed on, the main issue is the bottom of the Caspian Sea that is rules for the use of natural resources.

“Though Azerbaijan, Russia and Kazakhstan have already reached an agreement in this regard, there are disagreements with Turkmenistan and Iran,” he said.

 The Deputy Minister said that the next summit would be held in Astana in 2016 and Astana Convention, more accurately reflecting the legal status of the Caspian Sea, would be adopted there.