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Book on Azerbaijani culture to be published in Germany for first time

A book on the Azerbaijani culture and cuisine in English and German will be published in Germany for the first time.

The project co-implemented by the State Committee on the Work with Diaspora and the European Azerbaijanis Congress aims at educating Europeans on the national culture, customs, heritage and cuisine of Azerbaijan.

One of Germany`s famous photographers, author of over 40 books, Barbara Lutterbeck has been taking photographs in Azerbaijan to contribute to the book during ten days.  Accompanied by President of the European Azerbaijanis Congress Samira Patzer-Izmayilova, she traveled to Baku, Guba, Lahic, Khynalig, Gabala, Shaki, Shamakhy and other regions in order to learn of the country`s culture, traditions and cuisine.

The book will contain photos and short information reflecting the history, culture, customs, cuisine of Azerbaijan. The book is scheduled to be published by the end of the year and presented in both countries.

In her 17-year career, Lutterbeck has authored books dealing with countries beginning from Morocco to Nepal.