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Program and agenda of 4th Baku International Humanitarian Forum announced

The program and the issues on the agenda of the 4th Baku International Humanitarian Forum to be held on October 2-3 have been announced, according to the forum`s official website.

The forum will feature discussions on humanitarian problems, prospects and challenges in the 21st century. It will consist of eight roundtable meetings on the following topics:

Comparative Research into Multiculturalism: from Theory to Humanitarian Practice Presentation of the Baku International Center of Multiculturalism; Media Transformation in the Digital Age: New Development Trends; The Role of Interdisciplinary Integration in Innovative Development; Sustainable Development and Ecological Civilization; Challenges of Globalization: between Tradition and Transformation; Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the 21st Century: Theory, Practice, Prospects; Converging Technologies and Outlines of the Future: Landmark Challenges of the 21st Century; Humanism as a Basic Value in the Postmodern Era.

The first round table will see presentation of the Baku International Multiculturalism Center established under President Ilham Aliyev`s Order.

The roundtable meetings will bring together prominent scholars, including Nobel Prize laureates and cultural figures from different countries. The opening ceremony of the Forum will be held at the Heydar Aliyev Center. Participants will also visit Azerbaijan`s regions.