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Each PACE member’s territorial integrity is priority

Territorial integrity of each member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is a priority issue for the organization, according to PACE President Anne Brasseur.

Brasseur made the remarks at a press conference on June 23, on the first working day of the PACE Plenary Session, responding to a question about why the international organizations, including the Council of Europe (CoE) react to the other countries' occupation, but have not yet reacted to the occupation of Azerbaijani territories by Armenia, continuing over 20 years, and do not take any sanctions against Armenia.

"It is necessary to say that PACE adopted a document regarding the occupation of Azerbaijani territories. In January 2005, a resolution (No. 1416) was adopted on this," Brasseur said.

"We really defended and supported Azerbaijan's territorial integrity. As I have already noted, there is a document about this. It is necessary to consider whether there will be a report on this issue. During my visit to Baku, I stressed that the territorial integrity of each country is the most important issue for us. We will once again work on it," PACE president added.

PACE summer session has kicked off today in Strasbourg, France.

Azerbaijani Foreign Minister, Chairman of the CoE Committee of Ministers Elmar Mammadyarov will make a speech on the first day of the session, to last until June 27.

A report will also be delivered on the same day on the progress in the activities of the PACE Bureau and the Standing Committee. The elections in Macedonia and Ukraine will also be discussed.

The CoE Secretary General will be elected on the second day of the session.

Debates on various topics are also planned to be held during the session.