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Azerbaijan has made great success in implementing programs on socio-economic development of districts

Interview with  Head of Garadagh Executive Authority Suleyman Mikayilov

Q: How do you assess the situation in the county as the head of one of the largest industrial districts?

A: The successful development of our country was made possible by various factors. There is a wonderful investment environment in our country,. Domestic and foreign investors treat Azerbaijan with confidence. The internal stability, the unity among the people and the government and the general optimism in society about the future of our country certainly give an impetus to our dynamic economic development. In the first half of the year our economic indicators are also very positive – the economy has grown by 2.1 per cent. Our non-oil sector has been growing in recent years, and the growth here has been at a rate of 7 per cent. The inflation in Azerbaijan is not only in single digits, it is at 1.6 per cent. This is a great indicator, especially if we consider that both domestic and foreign investment is made in our country, salaries and pensions are raised every year.

In his speech at the conference dedicated to the implementation of state programs on the socioeconomic development of regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan, President Ilham Aliyev said that the adoption of the first program in 2004 has played a special role in the development of the regions of Azerbaijan. “The first five-year program managed to create a major change in the regions. After this, the second program was adopted. The program covering the years 2009-2013 has also been completed. I can say that these programs have played a very important part in regional development and in strengthening the economic potential of Azerbaijan as a whole.”

“The reforms carried out in Azerbaijan and the sound policies have given an impetus to the comprehensive development of our country. Today Azerbaijan is looking to the future with very high hopes and optimism. The key to this is our economic independence, our economic strength and political will,” said the head of state.

“Over the last 10 years Azerbaijan has developed most rapidly in the world. The economy has grown 3.4 times. No other country has achieved such growth in the last 10 years. The main prerequisites for this are the reforms, the stability and public order observed in our country. Of course, stability and sound policies have created favorable conditions for the development of the economic sphere. In Azerbaijan, economic reforms are complemented by political transformation. There is consistency between these two areas. I think that from this point of view the experience of Azerbaijan can be of interest to other countries.

As a result of the implementation of two programs, industrial production has grown 2.7 times. Whereas in the first years of the program our economy and industry grew largely on the account of the oil sector, the successful development of our country in recent years has been provided by the non-oil sector. It is no coincidence that last year non-oil sector growth made up almost 10 per cent. This is also one of the highest indicators in the world. Overall, the economy grew by nearly 6 per cent last year.”

The President said: “In general, if the first program had not been adopted in 2004, the current realities of Azerbaijan could be completely different. Regional development, support for entrepreneurs, development of the non-oil sector, reduction of our dependence on imports and creation of the export potential are the indicators of recent years.

 Of course, all these achievements are reflected in the statistics. As I noted, the economy grew 3.4 times, industrial production 2.7 times, agriculture 1.5 times. We have created 1.2 million jobs, of which 900,000 are permanent. Poverty has declined from nearly 50 to 5.3 per cent. Unemployment is 5 per cent. For by indicators Azerbaijan is ahead of even developed countries. Our foreign debt is 8 per cent. I think that this is also the highest indicator in the world.”

Q: We would like you to highlight current development of Garadagh district…

A: Socio-economic development, landscaping and construction work continued in Garadagh in the first half of 2014. Several social facilities, including medical centers, educational institutions, roads, parks were created in our district. The industrial output of the district made 309 million manats in the first six months of the year, while the size of transport services made 8.6 million manats. A total of 124.3 million manats were made in socio-economic development of the district.

The size of communications services made 1.1 million manats, while paid services to the population made 46.3 million manats. Average monthly salary in Garadagh district made 754 manats. A total of 974 families received an average of 115 manats in targeted social assistance.

Moreover, four new complex transformer centers were built in order to improve electricity supply in the district. Some 104 transformer centers were repaired.

The construction of important facilities has continued in Garadagh district in the last few years under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev.

Our plan of action includes the construction of two 120-seat kindergartens in Lokbatan settlement, and one 120-seat kindergarten in Sangachal, Sahil andAlat settlements.

We have fully ensured free of charge healthcare services to the population. The government of Garadagh attaches particular emphasis to solving healthcare-related problems.

Q: High-profile international events hosted by Azerbaijan prove the country`s growing international prestige and image…

A: Yes, of course. The government`s achievements are praised at international events hosted by Azerbaijan. In this regard, I would like to cite President Ilham Aliyev from his letter of congratulations to the participants of the international conference on “The Policy of Modernization: new economic and social challenges”, which was organized by the New Azerbaijan Party in 2011. The head of state sad in his message: “The first decade of the 21st century has revealed that human society has entered a qualitatively new stage in its development. It is universally recognized that the global challenges facing humanity require revision of the traditional model of economic and social development. The life of future generations in an atmosphere of development and prosperity largely depends on finding the right answers to present-day challenges. Therefore, I consider the organization of an active dialogue on the mentioned challenges with representatives from more than 30 countries around the world as a commendable event.”

“We have was recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan. The politicians, scientists and public figures who have gathered in Baku to exchange views on new economic and social challenges that have become urgent problems of our time have the ability to visualize the reforms ongoing in our country and their results.”

“Modernization and renewal form the core of our policies and the general course leading us to development. In this sense, Azerbaijan can be considered a good venue for the discussions on “The Policy of Modernization: new economic and social challenges.”

Underlying our success is a sound policy and stability. The reforms ongoing in the economic sphere also occupy an important place. It is thanks to these reforms that the sustainable development of Azerbaijan was made possible. Our reforms are also recognized by influential international financial institutions. While developing their forecasts, influential international financial institutions note that Azerbaijan will continue to develop successfully for many more years. At the same time, our reforms are also evident in the ratings of various organizations.  The world's leading rating agencies have been upgrading Azerbaijan`s ratings.

Q: What about YAP Garadagh district branch`s preparation for the upcoming municipal elections?

A: The New Azerbaijan Party is the largest political party in Azerbaijan, which enjoys people`s support and confidence. The party achieved this thanks to its policy, which has always been based on national interests. The conference, which gathered the representatives of all the regions of Azerbaijan, was held November 21, 1992 with national leader Heydar Aliyev presiding at the event. The Constituent Assembly approved the decision on the establishment of the Party, the Party's Program and its Statute. National leader Heydar Aliyev was unanimously elected as a chairman of the party. It elected the Political Council, the Board and deputies chairman. The New Azerbaijan Party assumed a great historic mission in the history of independent Azerbaijan, and its establishment became a remarkable event in the life of our people. Today the New Azerbaijan Party numbers more than 600,000 members.

The party`s main priorities include strengthening the state independence, building democratic, constitutional and secular world, and ensuring peaceful and safe life for the citizens.

Another factor was the New Azerbaijan Party`s having strong social basis, which represented the whole country.

Logical result of YAP`s activities is independent, rapidly developing Azerbaijan. The New Azerbaijan Party has been the country`s driving force since its establishment. And national leader Heydar Aliyev`s personal influence and image played critical role in this.

Today we witness tremendous improvement, widespread renovation and prosperity in Azerbaijan. These achievements are part of all-round development thanks to purposeful policy founded by great leader Heydar Aliyev and successfully pursued by his worthy successor Mr. President Ilham Aliyev.

We are on the eve of municipal elections. And the New Azerbaijan Party is preparing for the elections. YAP Garadagh district branch has adopted a special plan of action in connection with the elections.