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Extensive work is carried out to develop districts of the country

Interview with  Member of the Milli Majlis Regional Affairs Committee Tahir Rzayev

Q: Districts of Azerbaijan have been developing rapidly in the past few years. How do you estimate the role of state programs from this point of view?

A: The reforms carried out in Azerbaijan and the sound policies have given an impetus to the comprehensive development of our country. Today Azerbaijan is looking to the future with very high hopes and optimism. The key to this is our economic independence, our economic strength and political will. The adoption of the first program in 2004 has played a special role in the development of the regions of Azerbaijan. The first five-year program managed to create a major change in the regions. After this, the second program was adopted. The program covering the years 2009-2013 has also been completed. I can say that these programs have played a very important part in regional development and in strengthening the economic potential of Azerbaijan as a whole.

Q: What about development in Aghjabadi district that you represent in the Milli Majlis?

A: As other district of the country Aghjabadi is also experiencing rapid development. Several years ago we had problems with gas, water and electricity supply in the district. But today most problems have been settled. Roads in the district are being reconstruction to modern standards, For example, in 2008 a 24km long road which connects several villages was redeveloped. Recently a 42km long highway connecting 17 villages was reconstructed. The majority of villages in the district were supplied with gas, and the problem with water supply is almost completely solved. There are plans to build 22 subartesian wells this year which will contribute to the improvement of water supply in the district. 

Thousands of jobs have been created in the district. New areas are being established. Special attention is paid to developing entrepreneurship. The district has a very strong industrial potential. And this plays a critical role in ensuring food security.

Q: Azerbaijan will host first European Games in June. What is the importance of these games to Azerbaijan?

A: At the end of 2012 the European Olympic Committee made the decision on carrying out the first European Games in Azerbaijan. It was a historical decision as, unlike other continental games, the European Games were never held. It was great trust rendered by the European Olympic family to Azerbaijan. The country and its capital city Baku are ready for the Games. In recent years, modern sports infrastructure has been created in Azerbaijan. In regions of Azerbaijan more than 40 Olympic Sports Centers have been created. All created and repaired sporting venues in the city of Baku meet the highest standards. Our transport infrastructure which completely meets today the international requirements is updated and modernized. The infrastructure of service, brand hotels have been created. Of course, the quick development of Azerbaijan has played significant role in adopting this decision.

Q: The flame of the Games has recently traveled to Aghjabadi…

A: The event was a source of great excitement for local people in the district. They welcomed the flame of the inaugural European Games with high spirits. And thousands of people took to the streets to accompany torchbearers. I should also add that the journey of the flame is a very important measure in terms of promoting the Games and inspiring youth to do sports.

Q: What can you say of some foreign circles` smear campaign against our country?

A: The smear campaign that is being carried out against Azerbaijan on the eve of the European Games is unacceptable. This campaign doesn't bring honor to those, who deal with it and they wouldn`t get any results. The campaign is being carried out through the media outlets controlled by these international circles. This is unacceptable. And such a smear campaign launched against Azerbaijan cannot be accepted in any way. We are confident that the use of such primitive and feeble methods to discredit Azerbaijan will produce no results and urge those forces to abandon their intentions.