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Development of regions considerably contributes to improving people`s well-being

Interview with  Member of the Milli Majlis Social Policy Committee Sevinj Huseynova

Q: What is the role of state programs in socio-economic development of the country`s regions?

A: The adoption of the first program in 2004 has played a special role in the development of the regions of Azerbaijan. The first five-year program managed to create a major change in the regions. After this, the second program was adopted. The program covering the years 2009-2013 has also been completed. I can say that these programs have played a very important part in regional development and in strengthening the economic potential of Azerbaijan as a whole.

The reforms carried out in Azerbaijan and the sound policies have given an impetus to the comprehensive development of our country. Today Azerbaijan is looking to the future with very high hopes and optimism. The key to this is our economic independence, our economic strength and political will.

In general, if the first program had not been adopted in 2004, the current realities of Azerbaijan could be completely different. Regional development, support for entrepreneurs, development of the non-oil sector, reduction of our dependence on imports and creation of the export potential are the indicators of recent years. Last year we adopted the third state program on the socioeconomic development of the regions of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan is confidently moving forward and has achieved sustainable development.

Q: New industrial, processing facilities are being created in the regions, which contributes to the development of the non-oil sector. What role does this play in improving people`s well-being?

A: A: The creation of industrial enterprises in the regions is very important. It is no coincidence that the majority of industrial facilities have been built in the regions. This plays a crucial role in terms of ensuring employment of residents in villages and regions.

Despite falling oil prices and continuing crisis in the world, Azerbaijan`s economy remains stable. Azerbaijan is hailed as a land of stability and development. This was possible thanks timely preventive measures and purposeful economic policy carried out under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev.

Diversification policy paved the way for the establishment of strong and sustainable economy.

However, the head of the state set a goal to increase the non-oil economy over the next years. This will allow making Azerbaijan's economy more flexible, sustainable, meeting the modern requirements, as well as will significantly decrease the dependence on oil sector.

Q: What about the employment of youth?

A: As you know the government of Azerbaijan is pursuing a very successful youth policy. Major priorities of this policy include strengthening the government support of youth. Over the last few years considerable job has been done in the country to create opportunities for development of youth. The Azerbaijani youth are actively participating in all spheres of life in the country.

Azerbaijan has achieved a lot in the past 10 years. And this opens up wide opportunities for various layers of society, including youth. Social protection system has been improved, a strong labor market was built in the country which is based on active employment policy. Important measures are being taken to preserve and promote cultural heritage, increase flexibility of youth and sport policy, and ensure effective settlement of the demographic and migration issues. Serious work is certainly being carried out to ensure employment of youth.

Q: What do you expect from “2015-2025 Azerbaijani youth development strategy”?

A: Of course, this document is of profound significance. The significance of “2015-2025 Azerbaijani Youth Development Strategy” is a vivid evidence of the government`s attention to youth. As you know this strategy is aimed at improving the potential of youth to modern requirements.

It is very important that the activity of youth is highly appreciated by the government. The strategy emphasizes that the Azerbaijani youth have always been active in the country`s public, socio-economic, political and cultural life. Thousands of youth are successfully representing Azerbaijan on the international scale, our sportsmen are making great achievements in international tournaments. All this plays a crucial role in promoting our country globally. Our youth are also active in building and maintaining intercultural dialogue and international cooperation.

I would also like to note the activity of young Azerbaijanis, students, graduates and experts in foreign countries. They make a significant contribution to developing the activity of the Azerbaijani diaspora organizations abroad.  As indicated in the document there are currently more than 250 youth organizations in the capital and regions of the country.