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People-government unity is the main factor behind Azerbaijan`s power and sustainability

Interview with  Member of the Milli Majlis Sadagat Valiyeva

Q: As we know the world is now hit by the crisis which has affected financial and economic spheres of all countries. What can you say of situation in Azerbaijan in terms of all parameters, and what are the results of anti-crisis measures?

A: It is true that the world is now hit by the financial and economic crisis. This negatively influences the countries that are engaged in mutual cooperation. Of course, Azerbaijan, which restored its independence just 24 years ago, is also affected by the crisis as it is closely integrated into the world economic system. However, Azerbaijan is less affected by the financial and economic crisis than other countries thanks to the Azerbaijani government`s anti-crisis measures and flexible policy to diversify economy, and develop the non-oil sector. Thanks to these efforts Azerbaijan has managed to minimize the effects of the crisis. For example many European countries as well as the USA are now experiencing socio-economic problems. Unlike Greece, Italy, Spain and other developed countries, Azerbaijan has managed to face the crisis with minimum losses. In Azerbaijan, people do not face the problem of unemployment, cuts in salaries or pensions. At a time when most world countries are thinking of how to address the crisis, Azerbaijan is preparing to host more than 6,000 sportsmen and thousands of tourists. Certainly People-government unity is the main factor behind Azerbaijan`s power and sustainability.

Q: We would like you to highlight the benefits of the first European Games to Azerbaijan…

A: Today support for sports is one of the priorities of state policy in Azerbaijan. We participate as an independent country in the Olympics since 1996 and we are proud of the results of our sportsmen. In the latest Olympics Games in London, our team won ten medals, including two gold medals and took the 15th place among the European countries and the 30th place among all participant states. Last year in the Youth Olympic Games in China, our team, our young sportsmen won twelve medals, including five gold medals and took the 10th place among around 200 participant states. In Azerbaijan, a lot of attention is paid to the construction and modernization of sports infrastructure. Over the past 10 years more than 40 modern Olympic stadiums were built across the country. Our country has good experience of major international sporting events. Baku regularly hosts European and world championships in various sports. In short, all these factors and the rapid development of the country formed the basis for that decision of the European Olympic Committee to hold the first European Games in Baku.

Baku-2015 European Games will open a new page in the history of European sport. In the games 6,000 athletes will participate and they will compete in 20 sports. It is a great honor and responsibility to conduct the first European games. Baku-2015 will set the standard for all future European games. I am sure the European Games will be held at the same level with the summer Olympic Games. I'm sure that the first European Games will be held in a spirit of solidarity, unity, and fair competition.

Q: But there are some forces that want to cast shadow on Azerbaijan`s accomplishments, undermine the country`s image and prevent the preparations for the European Games…

A: You are right. It should be taken into account that as there are friends of Azerbaijan who are happy at our success, there are also those who envy our accomplishments and want to cast shadow on our achievements. These circles are influenced by the Armenian lobby, and they are doing their utmost to undermine Azerbaijan`s democratic image and the people`s interests.

These circles are trying to build a negative opinion about Azerbaijan through such international organizations as the Amnesty İnternational, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and non-governmental organizations. These forces, which turn a blind eye to Islamophobia, racism, discrimination and corruption in the USA and European countries, are trying to tense situation in the country through a slander campaign. These forces are giving instructions to radical opposition in Azerbaijan, including related to staging rallies. This proves that radical opposition serves the interests of pro-Armenian circles, Armenian lobby.

But there is a strong people-government unity in Azerbaijan. So I am sure that such efforts to destabilize situation in Azerbaijan and undermine the country`s image will further be ineffective.

Q: Youth wings of city and regional branches of YAP are holding conferences as they prepare for the summarizing conference of the Youth Wing of the party. What can you say of the government`s youth policy, and the activity of youth in Nizami district?  

A: Youth are the driving force of the Azerbaijani society. Our youth are closely involved in the preparations for the inaugural European Games as volunteers and employees. They are also contributing to public and political processes, social and economic issues. We witnessed their activity before elections too.

As you said the Youth Wing of the New Azerbaijan Party is preparing for the summarizing conference. So youth wings of the party`s city and regional branches are holding conferences to choose their representatives and discuss other organizations matters.

Youth Wing of YAP Nizami branch held its preparatory conference on February 23. The conference saw the election of the new chair, members of the Board of Directors, and members of the Council of the Youth Wing. I should say that Nizami branch has 11,253 members, including 5,293 young people.

President Ilham Aliyev is committed to the policy of national leader Heydar Aliyev. The President`s endorsing “2015-2025 Azerbaijani youth development strategy” proved the head of state`s attention to youth.