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It is President Ilham Aliyev`s well thought-out, purposeful policy that lies behind Azerbaijan`s success

Interview with  Deputy Executive Secretary of the New Azerbaijan Party, MP Siyavush Novruzov

Q: How would you assess the results of 2014 in terms of the country`s development?

A: The measures taken in 2014 materialized in institutional reforms and further strengthening of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan has considerably increased its role and improved its reputation on the global scale thanks to socio-political stability, economic development and power.

The essence and main goal of the policy of the government of Azerbaijan is defending national interests, ensuring people`s welfare and the country`s development. And the success of this policy is confirmed by Azerbaijan`s current socio-economic development, political stability, and growing international reputation. Launched by national leader Heydar Aliyev Azerbaijan`s development policy is today successfully continued by President Ilham Aliyev.

In a short period of time Azerbaijan managed to mobilize and invest its resources in pursuing its national interests. Our major resource is human capital. As far as 2014 is concerned it marked success in all spheres of life.

At the same time, Azerbaijan has made significant investments in high technology, and this year became memorable in this regard. In general 2014 saw Azerbaijan successfully complete all the tasks facing the country, provide for a dynamic development of our country and further strengthen our international position. Azerbaijan is recognized worldwide as a reliable partner and our influence opportunities are expanding.

Q: The world is hit by the crisis. But some representatives of radical opposition deny this fact. Particularly AXCP chairman Ali Karimli says that there is no crisis in the world, including in Europe, and that the only problem in the fall in oil prices, which hits oil countries like Azerbaijan. How would you comment on this?

A: I do not expect anything else from AXCP chairman Ali Karimli. His statements coincide with those of the Armenian lobby, the countries that do not like Azerbaijan, international organizations that attempt to make pressure on our country. That is they rare guided from a single center. Event those who left AXCP say that Ali Karimli does not serve the national interests of Azerbaijan, but is pursuing interests of other countries, organizations, in particular of the Armenian lobby. And discrediting the image of Azerbaijan and misleading the society are core principles of those groups. Andin accordance with this plan, Ali Karimli was interviewed by a media outlet controlled by his network, in which he spoke of the socio-economic situation in Azerbaijan.

Just imagine the whole world admits financial and economic crisis and speak of its damages, but Ali Karimli is trying to prove that there is no crisis in the world. Europe is now hit by the crisis. Take Greece, look at their situation. It is one of the most ancient European countries. Almost all people around the world see it, but Ali Karimli does not.

He says there is no crisis in the USA, and that 2014 was success for the country. The USA has seized oil reserves in the Middle East countries. It created a military group called ISIS and gave oil to them. All oil plants in hot spots are in their hands. Oil of Iraq, Libya and other Arab countries has become the sale base for the USA. And thanks to these revenues they insured themselves against the crisis.

As far as oil countries are concerned, they are seriously affected by the falling oil prices. It is not about only Azerbaijan, even Russia, Centarl Asian countries and others are loosing profits. Does not this situation affect Saudi Arabia. Of course, it affects. Just like Bahrain, Qatar and other countries.

Q: They also allege that oil revenues are not effectively used in Azerbaijan…

A: First and foremost there is not the second country that uses its oil revenues so effectively as Azerbaijan. It is confirmed by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank. Organizations supervising this area hail Azerbaijan`s measures to ensure effective use of oil revenues, the oil revenues are for people. Ali Karimli appears to think that he must receive a share of these revenues just like he receives money from BP. But he must not forget that this money belongs to people. It is proven that Ali Karimli has millions of dollars in British banks. His children study at the most expensive universities, have expensive houses and other property in foreign countries. How did he manage to do this? With what money? I think he should first give an account of this.

Oil revenues in Azerbaijan are effectively used. More than 2000 schools, more than 500 medical facilities have been built in Azerbaijan. New toads, bridges, parks have been constructed. All cultural facilities and infrastructure have been modernized and repaired across the country. Technoparks, production areas are created. Our military industry is being developed. New module-type stations are constructed. A lot of investment is made in the development of agriculture.

New residential areas are being built for refugees and internally displaced people. These areas have schools and all other necessary facilities and infrastructure. Distribution of oil revenues is carried out in an atmosphere of full transparency.

Q: Some circles want to destabilize situation in the country. Why are they doing it?

A: This is certainly a very serious issue. Ali Karimli and alike are not interested in the stability in Azerbaijan. The whole world envies Azerbaijan because Azerbaijan is a land of stability. There are 10 fundamental conditions of power. If Ali Karimli does not know them, let him know that stability comes first. Nearly 5000 young Azerbaijanis receive education abroad now. They will return to Azerbaijan as highly-qualified specialists in various areas. This is the transmission of oil revenues into human capital. Ali Karimli serves the interests of the Armenian lobby.

Just like his patrons who finance him Ali Karimli want destabilization of the situation in Azerbaijan. Some countries have recently made statements that ISIS comes to Azerbaijan. They are members of a single network. Ali Karimli has no social base in the country, he has no public support. He almost destroyed the party. Nothing remains from Elchibey`s party. His party did not even manage to participate in the recent municipal elections. And in this position he wants to make some statements on the socio-political and socio-economic stability in Azerbaijan.

Imagine that this person tries to downplay the important and large-scaled projects implemented by Azerbaijan. As you know Azerbaijan faced huge pressure in connection with the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline project, but the government never stepped back from its principled position. Has Ali Karimli ever made any statement in support of the national interests of Azerbaijan? On the contrary, they always said that this project is absurd and it will never be realized. The same repeated when TANAP and TAP projects emerged. Ali Karimli and alike protect the interests of those countries that exert pressure on Azerbaijan.

Q: The whole society knows that Azerbaijan faces a double standard policy of the international community, particularly the West, in regard to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. How do you think why the AXCP chairman never admitted this fact?

A: He has never said a word related to the fair settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He has received millions of dollars from the organizations that are funded by the Armenian lobby. This is why he ahs never said a bad word about Armenia. He covertly protects the interests of Armenia, its lobby and their patron organization. This person does not serve the people of Azerbaijan and their interests. Even his former supporters and members of the party admit this fact. Have you ever seen any article by Ali Karimli in which he criticizes the Armenian government, official Yerevan`s position? Has he ever condemned the aggression of Armenia against our country, the consequences of the military occupation of our lands?

As you know Azerbaijan supported Ukraine`s territorial integrity both in the United Nations and the Council of Europe. But Armenia did not back Ukraine`s territorial integrity. Where was Ali Karimli then? Now Azerbaijan voiced against the sanctions imposed on Russia. Azerbaijan says that such sanctions had to be imposed on Armenia first because it occupied part of Azerbaijan`s lands. Instead of raising this issue Ali Karimli is agitating youngsters who left the country to go to PACE.